Face To Face With Acne

The word acne has connotations of pimply,awkward teens that have a face covered in pus-filled pimples. This is how it is portrayed in the popular media. The fact is though that is can occur to anyone who has reached or passed puberty. It is also not confined to the face – it can also occur on the neck, shoulders, back and chest. But, let’s face it, most facial acne is the main cause of concern amongst acne sufferers.

Facial acne can be a huge problem for those that have to deal with it – much more so than any other form of acne. It is very hard to hide an outbreak on your face – at least on your back and chest you can cover it up with clothes. The only real option for the face is to use makeup – great for the ladies but no so much for the guys. What can you actually do about facial acne?

Strange as it may seem, the fact that facial acne is out in the open is actually a good thing as well as a bad thing. The skin is out in the open, it is not subject to friction being placed on it but the clothes, by jewelry or by things being carried and the skin can breathe more easily. It is also easier to see exactly where to apply topical creams and where to be more gentle in terms of cleansing. The major problem with facial acne is, though, when it comes to the scars. Facial scars are a lot more of a bother than scars on your back or shoulders.

The treatment options are, of course, the same with all forms of acne – you need to overhaul your diet, need to get enough exercise and need to set up a proper cleansing program. Severe acne or cyst-based acne may require regular visits to the dermatologist to minimize the possibility of the cysts rupturing as it is when this happens that deep scars are formed. The dermatologist may recommend a series of injections that will help to reduce the inflammation and to help the cysts to heal. These injections make it possible for the cysts to be painlessly reabsorbed by the body without breaking open and causing scarring. They literally seem to melt away in a couple of days. For back acne, you may not consider this treatment worthwhile in terms of preventing scars but it can help to reduce the pain associated with friction being applied to the lesions. For more helpful tips in finding solutions for your acne, you should read acne treatment review.

Should you have followed all the guidelines and gone as far as possible in terms of treatment, a cover-up or concealer of some sort may help to boost your self-confidence. There is nothing wrong with wearing makeup as long as ypu choose the right type – non-comedogenic and oil-free – are very careful to clear it off the skin every evening. Ask at your local makeup counter for advice on what you could use.